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Homelock is a keyless door and gate entry system that is designed
and made in Australia by Lock Focus. Lock Focus is dedicated to creating
products that makes life a little bit more convenient in simple, easy to use
and cost effective ways.

Starting from humble beginnings over a century ago in the UK, Lock Focus is now based in Melbourne Australia where we design and manufacture a wide range of locking products. Lock Focus is proud to have our products made in Australia where we remain one of the last lock manufacturing companies in the country.

The perfect modern security solution.

This keyless door and gate entry system is a battery operated electric strike that eliminates the need for keys that is installed on your door jam or gate and for peace of mind, you can retain a key override if you wish.

Lock Focus - Behind the Homelock keyless entry system

Lock Focus

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Homelock is an innovation from Lock Focus. Lock Focus is dedicated to providing products that will secure your property in the most simple ways everyday.

Lock Focus is a designer and manufacturer of locking devices selling primarily into Australia, New Zealand and Asia.