A Keyless Lock System for any Environment

Real Estate Agents

Offer a simpler security system & service to your landlords. Install a Homelock on rental properties & you get:

  • No more rekeying when tenants change.
  • No more chasing keys.
  • Easy entry for tradies when repairs are being organised.
  • Ability to create temporary codes for temporary users.
  • A professional installation by a homelock installer.

Make your life, your tenants life & your landlords life less stressful by installing a keyless entry system for doors, external gates & pool gates.

Hotels / B&B's

Make it easy for your guests to check in with our keyless entry systems. No cards, keys, late calls for replacement cards/keys. Offer priority check-in service to your customers - issue their code with their booking. Ideal for late night check-ins or business travellers.


Add Homelock keyless entry systems to your developments:

  • It simplifies access while you are building.
  • The property will have a point of difference.
  • Everyone saves time & money & simplifies their life with no keys required.
  • Homelock can be easily installed by yourself or an expert if you wish.


Add touch of style, luxury, additional security to your home renovation. Once installed you new Homelock Keyless Entry System, you've created added "Wow" factor to your new look home. Show your friends how easy Homelock is to use, how liberating it is not to fumble for keys when loaded with shopping and never worrying about leaving your door unlocked again!

Lock Focus can arrange to have your Homelock installed for you if you wish.

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