Keyless Door Lock

How many times have you gone outside in the morning to get the paper, only to realise
you have locked yourself out? With Homelock keyless entry system, you need never
to worry about that again!
Thanks to our brilliant modern and smart locking technology, the keys to your home will be a
thing of the past.

Our smart and simple keyless locks can add an improved level of security to your home. The stylish locks can be installed into any door and work with any type of lock mechanism already in place.

Our advanced electronic locks have been used by a range of clients and home owners with different requirements. From residential to commercial applications and with the ability to have up to 250 different access codes, the keyless locks have proven to be a great solution to provide temporary access to real estate agents and retailers.


  • Use existing door locks is fine.
  • No keys kept under the mat.
  • No keys to give children to lose / can use up to 250 codes if you want.
  • For landlords – changing the combination from prior tenants is no cost, just change the code.
  • When the door is shut – it is locked, no worries.


  • No need to search for keys inside the house or in your handbag.
  • No stress & no cost – never be locked out of the house again.
  • Leave the house without keys – go walking, exercising or a night out without the worry of carrying keys.
  • Use codes for temporary visitors and tradies – when they are gone just delete the code.
  • Simple code entry & the door unlocks.

Smart technology

  • No keys. No cards. No fingerprints. No Worries.
  • Easily create entry codes to anyone who requires secure access to your house.
  • Holds up to 250 different codes – ideal for friend, family and professional visitors.
  • Easy to change/add/remove codes.
  • Uses its own long-life power – works around the clock.