Homelock Testimonials

When I first saw this lock, I thought , oh yeh that looks nice but I did not feel compelled to put
in on my front door. So I just forgot about it.

My husband also saw it and he just put in on the door anyway without my approval, which I was annoyed about. Now that I have it on my door and use it everyday, it is great and makes access to the house simple, it is great. No keys for me or my two boys (who are always losing stuff), it just makes life easier.

I now have this lock on my front gate and side gate as well. If my husband took it off the door I would be really cross, it is just a great product .... I love it.

Robyn Garside – Bayside Melbourne

Homelock is so handy when you have just done the groceries and no hands free... You don't need to worry about trying to find house keys!!! 

My initial thoughts were that the lock would be of no added value to my life.  However, after having Homelock installed, l can’t believe how much easier it is.  I have a 3 month old baby, and having the remote control feature means getting in and out of the house is stress free.

Julia Baird, 28 years old