The perfect modern keyless security solution.

Convenient – Safe – Smart Technology

Homelock is a battery operated electric strike that can be used on a door or gate with existing structure or can be used on a new installation. The keyless entry system uses a modern weatherproof keypad to control access to a front door or a gate. The keyless electronic system is able to use up to 250 individual codes if required.

This secure keyless entry system has been installed on a wide range of commercial and residential properties on front doors and gates. You will not need to use a key again to access the door, gate or pool gate. This keyless lock entry system is a great solution to control access and the clever use of technology through design, provides great security features and allows the battery to have a life in excess of 20,000 operations, before needing to be replaced.

Homelock keyless entry system for gates, doors and pool gates